Whole blood for postpartum hemorrhage: early experience at two institutions

David S. Morris, Maxwell A. Braverman, Jessica Corean, John C. Myers, Elly Xenakis, Kayla Ireland, Leslie Greebon, Sarah Ilstrup, Donald H. Jenkins

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BACKGROUND: Death from postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) remains a significant preventable problem worldwide. Cold-stored, low-titer, type-O whole blood (LTOWB) is increasingly being used for resuscitation of injured patients, but it is uncommon in PPH patients, and it is unclear what its role may be in this population. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS: Brief report of the early experience of WB use for PPH in two institutions, one university hospital and one private hospital. RESULTS: Different approaches have been implemented at the two institutions, one designed for emergency release, uncrossmatched transfusion of LTOWB as part of a massive transfusion protocol (MTP) and one for high-risk obstetric patients with known placental abnormalities. A total of 7 PPH patients have received a total of 17 units of LTOWB between the two institutions. No severe adverse transfusion reactions were observed clinically in either institution and the clinical outcomes were favorable in all cases. CONCLUSION: In our early experience, LTOWB can be implemented for two different PPH clinical scenarios. Larger studies are needed to compare outcomes between LTOWB and traditional component resuscitation strategies.

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EstadoPublished - jun 1 2020

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