Treatment Investigational New Drug experience with Survanta (beractant)

E. M. Zola, A. M. Overbach, J. H. Gunkel, B. R. Mitchell, B. T. Nagle, N. G. DeMarco, G. A. Henwood, A. J. Gold

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From September 1989 through July 1991, before commercial availability, Survanta (beractant intratracheal suspension), a modified bovine-derived surfactant used for prevention and treatment of neonatal respiratory distress syndrome, was made available to 231 neonatal intensive care units in the United States and Canada under a Treatment Investigational New Drug protocol. Results of this open clinical experience are reported. Investigators could give one dose of Survanta soon after birth to neonates weighing 600 to 1250 g (prevention strategy). Neonates weighing 600 to 1750 g who were not treated at birth could begin Survanta therapy if respiratory distress syndrome developed within 8 hours of birth (rescue strategy). All neonates could receive up to three more doses over the first 48 hours of life at minimum intervals of 6 hours if they met retreatment criteria. Qualifications for enrollment closely matched those used in previous randomized controlled clinical trials. This report includes results from 8168 neonates who completed the study. Treatment Investigational New Drug rates for intracranial hemorrhage, patent ductus arteriosus, pulmonary hemorrhage, pulmonary air leaks, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, death or bronchopulmonary dysplasia, pulmonary interstitial emphysema, pretreatment sepsis, and posttreatment sepsis were less than for treated neonates in the controlled trials and survival was equivalent across studies. Problems with treatment administration were reported with 30.4% of doses, while adverse events were reported in 0.5% of neonates. The results of the Treatment Investigational New Drug protocol revealed no new safety concerns associated with the widespread use of Survanta and confirmed the safety profile established in earlier controlled trials.

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