The Effect of Chest Compression Location and Aortic Perfusion in a Traumatic Arrest Model

Benjamin J. Barringer, Maria G. Castaneda, Jason Rall, Joseph K. Maddry, Kenton L. Anderson

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Background: Recent evidence demonstrates that closed chest compressions directly over the left ventricle (LV) in a traumatic cardiac arrest (TCA) model improve hemodynamics and return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) when compared to traditional compressions. Selective aortic arch perfusion (SAAP) also improves hemodynamics and controls hemorrhage in TCA. We hypothesized that chest compressions located over the LV would result in improved hemodynamics and ROSC in a swine model of TCA using SAAP. Materials and methods: Transthoracic echo was used to mark the location of the aortic root (Traditional location) and the center of the LV on animals (n = 24), which were randomized to receive chest compressions in one of the two locations. After hemorrhage, ventricular fibrillation (VF) was induced to simulate TCA. After a period of 10 min of VF, basic life support (BLS) with mechanical CPR was initiated and performed for 10 min, followed by advanced life support (ALS) for an additional 10 min. SAAP balloons were inflated at min 6 of BLS. Hemodynamic variables were averaged over the final 2 min of the BLS and ALS periods. Survival was compared between this SAAP cohort and a control group without SAAP (No-SAAP) (n = 26). Results: There was no significant difference in ROSC between the two SAAP groups (P = 0.67). There was no ROSC difference between SAAP and No-SAAP (P = 0.74). Conclusions: There was no difference in ROSC between LV and Traditional compressions when SAAP was used in this swine model of TCA. SAAP did not confer a survival benefit compared to historical controls.

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PublicaciónJournal of Surgical Research
EstadoPublished - feb 2021
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