The community health worker core consensus (C3) project story: Confirming the core roles and skills of community health workers

E. Lee Rosenthal, Durrell J. Fox, Julie Ann St John, Caitlin G. Allen, Paige Menking, J. Nell Brownstein, Gail R. Hirsch, Floribella Redondo-Martinez, Lisa Renee Holderby-Fox, Jorge M. Ibarra, Colton Lee Palmer, Alexander Ross Hurley, Maria C. Cole, Sara S. Masoud, Jessica Uriarte Wright, Carl H. Rush

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This chapter describes the Community Health Worker Core Consensus (C3) Project carried out from 2014 to 2018. The focus of the C3 Project was to develop an updated contemporary list of CHW core roles and competencies (skills and qualities) common in the United States, using the National Community Health Advisor Study (NCHAS, 1994-1998) as a baseline. This chapter outlines the process of undertaking the Project and the methods incorporated to maximize CHW voice and leadership in the process. The chapter closes with a presentation of the C3 Project's updated CHW core roles and competencies. Of those roles or areas of CHW scope of work, three were newly identified since the NCHAS. They are implementing individual and community assessments; conducting outreach; and participating in evaluation and research. These and the other seven roles named by the C3 Project serve as the foundation for the organization of the ten roles highlighted in this book. Skills newly identified or refined in the same time frame include individual and community assessment skills; outreach skills; professional skills and conduct; and evaluation and research skills. Finally, qualities embraced by the C3 Project are noted; these are based on previous research in the field. The most prominent is the quality of CHWs' "connection to the community served."

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Subtítulo de la publicación alojadaCommunity Health Workers Describing Their Roles, Competencies, and Practice
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EstadoPublished - mar 22 2021

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