Technology use and subjective cognitive concerns in older adults

Jared F. Benge, Andrew M. Kiselica, Alyssa Aguirre, Robin C. Hilsabeck, Michael Douglas, David Paydarfar, Michael K. Scullin

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Objectives: How technology impacts the day to day cognitive functioning of older adults is a matter of some debate. On the one hand, the use of technologies such as smartphones and social media, may lead to more subjective cognitive concerns (SCC) by promoting distractibility and reliance on devices to perform memory tasks. However, continued digital engagement in older adults may also be related to better cognitive functioning. Given these competing viewpoints, our study evaluated if frequency of digital device use was associated with greater or less subjective cognitive concerns. Method: Participants were 219 adults over the age of 65 (mean age =75 years) who had internet access. Measures assessing frequency of digital device use along with SCC were administered. Hierarchical multiple regression was used to gage association between frequency of device use and SCC, controlling for relevant demographic and lifestyle factors. Results: Increased frequency of digital device use was associated with less SCC, over and above the influence of demographic factors, across cognitive (but especially in executive) domains. This effect was observed for general device usage, with no statistically significant associations were observed between texting/video call, social media use and SCC. Discussion: Results were broadly consistent with the technological reserve hypothesis in that digital engagement was associated with better experienced cognitive functioning in older adults. While device use may contribute to distractibility in certain cases, the current results add to a burgeoning literature that digital engagement may be a protective factor for cognitive changes with age.

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PublicaciónArchives of Gerontology and Geriatrics
EstadoPublished - mar 2023
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