Role of Different Types of Contact Lenses in Epithelial Thickness

Parya Abdolalizadeh, Morteza Karimi, Golshan Latifi, Leila Nouri, Mohammad Naser Hashemian, Hesam Hashemian, Mohammad Mehrpour, Fateme Alipour

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Objective: To evaluate the potential role of different types of contact lenses, such as soft (SCL), hard (HCL), and mini scleral (SCCL), in corneal epithelial thickness with anterior segment optical coherence tomography (AS-OCT). Methods: In this cross-sectional study, patients who used contact lens at recent 6 months were recruited consecutively from September 2019 to October 2019, and the epithelial thicknesses of the cornea were obtained by AS-OCT and compared with control subjects who did not use contact lens. Results: In total, 184 eyes (115 subjects) were included; of them, 75 eyes were keratoconic (KCN) and 109 eyes were nonkeratoconic (non-KCN). Twenty eyes in KCN and 79 eyes of non-KCN group had no history of contact lens use and were included for comparison with KCN and non-KCN contact lens users, respectively. Mean duration of contact lens wearing was 75.63650.42 months. The epithelial thickness of non-KCN SCL group was thinner than that of non-KCN control subjects all over the cornea, whereas the epithelium of non-KCN HCL was thinner at central site as well as nasal and temporal paracentral and midperipheral areas. Epithelial thickness of the KCN HCL group was not different from the KCN control subjects in all sectors. The KCN SCCL group had thinner epithelium at nearly all peripheral sectors as well as inferior, inferotemporal, inferonasal, and nasal midperipheral sectors compared with KCN control subjects. Conclusion: The corneal epithelium was thinner at the peripheral zones in KCN SCCL users; at both peripheral and central zones in non-KCN SCL users and in central zones in non-KCN HCL users.

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PublicaciónEye and Contact Lens
EstadoPublished - may 1 2022
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