Remineralization Therapies for Initial Caries Lesions

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This is a review of the latest scientific advances in technologies for effective management of initial (non-cavitated) caries lesions. The increasing emphasis on preventive and minimal intervention dentistry coupled with the established higher prevalence of non-cavitated caries compared to cavitated tooth surfaces is encouraging nonsurgical management of early caries among the practicing dentists. Thus, there is need for effective treatment strategies to facilitate non-operative care of initial caries lesions (remineralization). The new strategies should either facilitate fluoride action, work better than or synergistically with fluoride to provide a fuller remineralization of the lesions. An overview of new developments shows encouraging number of scientifically sound therapies with promising potential to be efficacious. However, there is shortage of strong clinical evidence generated through randomized clinical trials to support the efficacy and effectiveness of these new technologies. Devices with high validity and accuracy to measure and monitor remineralization are also needed to enable clinical data collection to validate effectiveness of these therapies.

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