Quality and Quantity in Kidney Cancer Surgery

Deepak K. Pruthi, Sacha Oomah, Vivian Lu, Tommy Ting, Corey Knickle, Michael A. Liss, Ian W. Gibson, Iain D.C. Kirkpatrick, Thomas B. McGregor

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To model renal function 2 years following radical nephrectomy with quantitative analyses using clinical, histopathologic, and renal composite cortical volumes (CCV). Methods: This retrospective study involved an assessment of the nonneoplastic kidney tissue by three blinded nephropathologists using modified Banff 1997 criteria for renal allograft pathology. Volumetric image acquisition was obtained by three independent radiologists using preoperative imaging. A 2-year estimated glomerular filtration (eGFR) calculator was created. Results: Among the 126 patients, median age was 60 years; median CCV, 398.1 cm3; preoperative eGFR, 77 mL/min/1.73 m2; and 2-year postoperative eGFR, 54 mL/min/1.73 m2. Of the subjects, 64% had hypertension, 26% diabetes, and 37% were smokers. Increasing age, glomerulopathy/sclerosis, tubulointerstitial scarring, and arteriosclerosis were statistically significantly and adversely associated with eGFR. Conversely, increasing CCV was associated with a higher eGFR.

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PublicaciónAmerican journal of clinical pathology
EstadoPublished - ene 1 2019

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