Promotion of successful weight management in overweight and Obese Veterans (POWER-VET): Trial design and methods

POWER-VET Project Team

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Background: Almost 75% of US adults are overweight or obese. Though intentional weight loss of as little as 3% improves physical functioning and reduces cardiometabolic risk, most adults are unsuccessful at long-term weight maintenance. Our hypothesis is that intermittent fasting (IF: short periods of intense energy restriction) will reduce weight regain. IF may combat obesity due to its effects on nutrient-sensing signaling pathways and circadian rhythm. The objective of this randomized clinical trial is to test the effectiveness of an intensive body weight management program with and without IF. Methods: In the Promotion of Successful Weight Management in Overweight and Obese Veterans (POWER-VET) trial (NCT04131647), 154 middle-aged and older adults (50–75 years) who are overweight and obese (BMI: 25–40 kg/m2) and seen at either a Baltimore, MD or San Antonio, TX Veterans Affairs Medical Center will be enrolled. Participants will undergo 12 weeks of weight loss (including a low-calorie heart healthy (HH) diet and exercise). Following weight loss, participants will be randomly assigned to one of two 24-week weight maintenance (WM) interventions: WM alone (continuation of HH diet and exercise) or WM + IF. The primary aim is to determine the effect of WM + IF compared to WM alone on body weight maintenance after intentional weight loss. Discussion: Determining effective, translatable strategies that minimize weight regain following successful weight loss holds public health relevance. This POWER-VET trial introduces an innovative practice of IF to prevent weight regain after clinically significant weight reduction and could provide evidence-based recommendations to promote this type of intervention in middle aged and older adults.

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