Predicting decline of kidney function in lupus nephritis using urine biomarkers

K. M. Abulaban, H. Song, X. Zhang, P. L. Kimmel, J. W. Kusek, R. G. Nelson, H. I. Feldman, R. S. Vasan, J. Ying, M. Mauer, G. L. Nelsestuen, M. Bennett, H. I. Brunner, B. H. Rovin

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Objective To evaluate candidate biomarkers to predict future renal function decline (RFD) in children and adults with lupus nephritis (LN). Methods At the time of enrollment into prospective observational LN cohort studies liver-type fatty acid binding protein (LFABP), albumin, monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1), uromodulin, transferrin, and hepcidin were measured in urine samples of two cohorts of patients with LN, one followed at a pediatric (cohort-1; n = 28) and one at an adult institution (cohort-2; n = 69). The primary outcome was RFD, defined in cohort-1 as a decrease in estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) of ≥20% and in cohort-2 as a sustained increase of ≥25% in serum creatinine concentration (SCr), both from baseline. Results All patients (n = 97) had normal eGFR or SCr at the time of urine collection at baseline. RFD occurred in 29% (8/28) of patients in cohort-1 during a mean follow-up of 6.1 months, and in 30% (21/69) of those in cohort-2 during a mean follow-up of 60 months. Individually, in cohort-1, levels of MCP-1, transferrin, LFABP, and albumin were higher in the RFD group than those who maintained renal function, with statistical significance for LFABP and albumin. In cohort-2 the RFD group also had higher levels of urine MCP-1 and albumin than others. The combination of LFABP, MCP-1, albumin, and transferrin had good predictive accuracy for RFD in both cohorts (area under the ROC curve = 0.77-0.82). Conclusion The combinatorial urine biomarker LFABP, MCP-1, albumin, and transferrin shows promise as a predictor of renal functional decline in LN, and warrants further investigation.

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