Postoperative management of pediatric tracheostomy: Results of a nationwide survey

Michael B. Gluth, Suzy Maska, Joely Nelson, Randal A. Otto

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OBJECTIVE: A survey was undertaken to document the postoperative care of pediatric tracheostomies by otolaryngologists. STUDY DESIGN: This study represents the results of a national survey of 564 otolaryngologists covering a broad scope of postoperative pediatric tracheostomy issues considered for patients younger than 2 years and patients older than 5 years. RESULTS: Of the surveys sent, 134 responses were received, portraying a certain standard management scheme that seems to be used by most respondents. CONCLUSIONS: Very little difference was seen in respondents' management of patients younger than 2 years of age as compared with those who are older than 5 years. Furthermore, agreement between actual practice and published recommendations seems to vary with some management issues. The results of this study provide a means by which otolaryngologists may familiarize themselves with national trends in the postoperative management of pediatric tracheostomies.

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PublicaciónOtolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
EstadoPublished - may 2000

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