Postauricular sebaceous carcinoma arising in association with nevus sebaceus

Joseph Rinaggio, H. Stan McGuff, Randal Otto, Charlene Hickson

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Background. Sebaceous carcinoma is an uncommon malignant neoplasm usually associated with the ocular adnexa. Despite the widespread anatomic distribution of sebaceous glands, extraocular sebaceous carcinoma occurs with far less frequency. Methods. A 27-year-old man was examined with the presenting complaint of a slowly enlarging subcutaneous mass. It was associated with an overlying, irregular, verrucoid epidermal plaque. Results. Histologic and electron microscopic examination of the mass revealed a malignant sebaceous neoplasm occurring in conjunction with an overlying nevus sebaceus. The dermal neoplasm contained numerous cytoplasmic and stromal hyaline globules. Conclusions. We report a case of extraocular sebaceous carcinoma arising in the postauricular region in association with a nevus sebaceus and exhibiting the unusual histologic feature of hyaline globules.

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PublicaciónHead and Neck
EstadoPublished - feb 11 2002

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