Pithomyces species (Montagnulaceae) from clinical specimens: Identification and antifungal susceptibility profiles

Keith Cássia Da Cunha, Deanna A. Sutton, Josepa Gené, Josep Cano, Javier Capilla, Hugo Madrid, Cony Decock, Nathan P. Wiederhold, Josep Guarro

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The fungal genus Pithomyces comprises numerous dematiaceous saprobic species commonly found on dead leaves and stems of a great variety of plants. Occasionally, they have been recovered from clinical specimens. We morphologically and molecularly (rDNA sequences) investigated a set of 42 isolates tentatively identified as Pithomyces recovered from clinical specimens in the United States. The predominant species were P. chartarum and P. sacchari (33.3% each), followed by Pithomyces sp. I (28.6%) and P. maydicus (4.8%). Most of the isolates were obtained from samples of superficial tissue (50%), the respiratory tract (21.4%), and the nasal region (19%). In general, these fungi were highly susceptible in vitro to the eight antifungal agents tested.

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PublicaciónMedical mycology
EstadoPublished - jul. 22 2014

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