Pilot test of an emerging leaders program for dental school faculty

Suman Challa, Peter M. Loomer, Giovannie M. Hoff, William D. Hendricson

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Purpose/Objectives: The School of Dentistry at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSA-SoD) implemented an SoD Emerging Leaders Program (SoDELP) in 2020–2021. This case report describes the leadership training needs of junior faculty that stimulated SoDELP development, the inter-institutional collaboration that facilitated program implementation, SoDELP curriculum content, and outcomes of formative assessment for two pilot cohorts of the SoDELP. Methods: The 32-h curriculum was comprised of readings, reflection exercises, seminars by the Center for Professional Excellence at the University of Texas at San Antonio, case discussion, analysis of leadership dilemmas, and self-assessments. For a capstone project, participants created a case depicting a challenging leadership situation they experienced as a team leader or member. The SoDELP commenced in a face-to-face format but was completed online due to COVID 19. Formative evaluation included participants’ pre- and post-training perceptions elicited by the Leadership Attitudes, Confidence and Concerns Inventory (LACCI) and qualitative appraisal of program components obtained by surveys and focus groups. Results: All 18 participants completed SoDELP and provided positive evaluations of program content, organization, teaching quality, and value. Analysis of pre- and post-assessments indicated that participants’ confidence in performing an array of leadership tasks was significantly enhanced, and participants’ concerns about assuming leadership roles, such as not being ready for the job, impact on friendships, or concerns about ethical challenges, were significantly reduced. The LACCI displayed promising reliability in assessing participants’ confidence, attitudes and concerns, demonstrating the potential to serve as a measurement tool to appraise outcomes of leadership training in the health professions. Conclusion: Outcomes suggest that SoDELP enhances faculty members' sense of readiness for leadership roles, and the LACCI may be a useful assessment tool for leadership training.

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EstadoPublished - ago 2022

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