Online Case-Sharing to Enhance Dental Students' Clinical Education: A Pilot Study

Erica R. Oliveira, William F. Rose, William D. Hendricson

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Dental students' clinical learning is dictated by patients' needs. Thus, not all students have identical educational experiences. Even routine treatment can require different approaches depending on concurrent dental problems, patients' health status, or unexpected complications. No curriculum can expose students to all treatment alternatives when issues arise. Consequently, mechanisms to facilitate students' learning from the collective experiences of their classmates can augment their clinical acumen. The aim of this pilot study was to investigate a blended learning experience consisting of a website on which third- and fourth-year students posted and discussed PowerPoint presentations depicting patient treatment and weekly seminars in which students and faculty discussed posted cases to retrospectively assess treatment decisions. All 49 students in two of the school's general practice groups (23 fourth-year and 26 third-year students) in academic year 2011-12 participated, using a PowerPoint template to create cases to share with their peers. The students completed the Clinical Education Instructional Quality Inventory (Clin-EdIQ) before and after the case-sharing experience. The results showed statistically significant pre- to posttest increases on the four ClinEdIQ dimensions: overall clinical learning experience, specific learning opportunities, interaction among students and instructors, and collaborative learning. These students also reported that the online case-sharing and follow-up seminars were a valuable educational experience. However, students not involved in case-sharing had similar pre to post ClinEdIQ score changes. The results suggest that online case-sharing supported by case analysis seminars facilitated exchange of clinical insight among students and instructors, but may not have altered students' perceptions of the clinical learning environment.

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PublicaciónJournal of dental education
EstadoPublished - abr 1 2019

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