No requirement of trans presentations of IL-15 for human CD8 T cell proliferation

Naruhisa Ota, Mitsuyo Takase, Hidemi Uchiyama, Shaun K. Olsen, Osami Kanagawa

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The trans presentation of IL-15 by cells expressing the specific high-affinity receptor a-chain (IL-15Rα) to cells expressing the signaling receptor β-chain and γ-chain is essential for the generation and maintenance of CD8 memory T cells, NK cells, and NKT cells in an in vivo mouse system. We have also demonstrated in vitro that cell-surface IL-15Rα on cells expressing all the receptor components present IL-15 to receptor β-chain/γ-chain coexpressed on the same cell surface (cis presentation). However, although mouse CD8 T cells express all the IL-15R components, they show no evidence of cis presentation. In this study, we demonstrate that increased expression of mouse IL-15Rα in mouse CD8 T cells by retrovirus-mediated gene transfer changes the ability of the T cell to use cis presentation on the cell surface, indicating that cis presentation requires high expression of mouse IL-15Rα on the cell surface. Using cell lines expressing human or mouse receptors, we demonstrate that cis presentation occurs more efficiently in the human receptor-ligand combination than in that of the mouse system. Moreover, we found that primary human CD8 T cells do not require trans presentation of human IL-15 in vitro. These findings raise the possibility that the maintenance and generation of memory CD8 T cells are achieved via distinct mechanisms in humans and mice. Therefore, careful study of the human immune system, rather than extrapolation from the murine model, is necessary to achieve more complete understanding of memory CD8 T cell development in humans.

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PublicaciónJournal of Immunology
EstadoPublished - nov 15 2010
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