Medial Elbow Pain Syndrome: Current Treatment Strategies

Gautham Prabhakar, Vaibhav Kanawade, Abdullah N. Ghali, Anil K. Dutta, Christina I. Brady, Bernard F. Morrey

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Medial elbow pain is a common presentation that can be a challenge to appropriately treat for the orthopedic surgeon. Causes include medial epicondylitis, ulnar neuritis, ulnar collateral ligament injury, flexor pronator strain, or snapping medial triceps. A good outcome is typically achieved with adequate treatment of tendon degeneration at the common flexor tendon origin. Mainstay treatment is nonoperative modalities such as stretching, rest, activity modification, therapy, and injections. If nonoperative management fails, intermediate interventions such as extracorporeal shockwave therapy, platelet-rich plasma injections, prolotherapy, and ultrasound-guided percutaneous tenotomy can be attempted. Surgical treatments are dictated based on the severity of the pathology, involvement of soft tissues, and concomitant pathology. Medial elbow complaints can be multifactorial and require a broad differential diagnosis.

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EstadoPublished - mar 2023

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