Lectin binding to the egg envelopes in eyprepocnemis plorans (charp.) (orthoptera, acrididae).

G. Longo, R. Viscuso, L. Sottile, A. Giuffrida

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The distribution of glycoconjugates in the egg envelopes of Eyprepocnemis plorans was investigated using various FITC-conjugated lectins. In the epichorion, the lectins ConA, SBA and WGA each have particular binding patterns, while TPA binding is confined to its deepest regions only. The glycoconjugates of the micropylar wall present different characteristics from those of the surrounding chorion. The vitelline coat shows a marked binding for WGA and TPA only; below the inner micropylar openings, this binding pattern is uniform over the whole extent of the coat and therefore it is not possible to identify specific binding sites for these two lectins. Contrary to what has been observed in some other insect species, the vitelline coat does not seem to be involved in the structural organization of the mycropyles.

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PublicaciónBasic and Applied Histochemistry
EstadoPublished - 1990
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