Kinetics and plasma concentrations of 26-hydroxycholesterol in baboons

Shengrong Li, Jihai Pang, Evelyn M. Jackson, William K. Wilson, Glen E. Mott, George J. Schroepfer

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26-Hydroxycholesterol (26OHC), a major oxysterol in human blood, is believed to play an important role in reverse cholesterol transport, bile acid formation, and regulation of various cellular processes. Using isotope dilution mass spectrometry, we measured plasma 26OHC concentrations in baboons fed either a high cholesterol/saturated fat (HC-SF) or normal chow diet. Plasma 26OHC levels in baboons were comparable to those reported for humans and were positively correlated with plasma cholesterol concentrations. Animals on the HC-SF diet had significantly higher 26OHC levels (0.274 ± 0.058 μM, mean ± S.D.) than those on the chow diet (0.156 ± 0.046 μM). In separate experiments, [3H]26OHC was injected into four tethered baboons, and multiple blood samples drawn over a 1-h period were analyzed for [3H]26OHC and 26OHC. Fitting the specific radioactivity data to a two-pool compartmental model indicated a rapidly turning over plasma compartment (t(1/2) 2.9-6.0 min) and a second compartment with slow turnover (t(1/2) 76- 333 min). The calculated 26OHC production rate was 2.5 μmol/kg body weight/day. Assuming all 26OHC is converted to bile acids, the 26OHC production rate corresponds to about 10% of total bile acid production in adult baboons. These results indicate that rapid turnover of plasma 26OHC at submicromolar concentrations could significantly contribute to bile acid synthesis. (C) 2000 Elsevier Science B.V.

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PublicaciónBiochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids
EstadoPublished - may 31 2000

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