Integrating EBP into an undergraduate research methodology course using the Star Model of Knowledge Transformation: A mixed-method study

Chi Eun Song, Hyunyoung Park, Moonju Lee, Kathleen R. Stevens

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Background: Evidence-based practice (EBP) competence is essential for healthcare professionals. Before undergraduate nursing students become research producers, they should first be competent research consumers. Objective: To assess the level of students' readiness for EBP and explore their learning experiences after a modified research methodology course integrated with an EBP model. Design: A mixed-method study using a one-group posttest-only design was utilized. Participants and setting: Participants were 146 third-year students of a nursing school in South Korea. Methods: A 15-week research methodology course was modified based on the Star Model of Knowledge Transformation. The course consisted of lectures, group discussions, group reports, and student presentations. EBP readiness was measured using a Korean version of the EBP Readiness Inventory, and the students' reflective logs were analyzed. Results: Most students reported that EBP education was necessary. The average scores of students' EBP self-efficacy and knowledge were 4.36 out of 6 and 7.65 out of 15, respectively. Of the students, 73% rated their own EBP knowledge at a beginner level. Analysis of the reflective logs revealed that students regarded evidence appraisal as the most critical content (26.3%), additional learning was necessary (21.1%), and evidence-based practice was perceived as difficult (49.4%). Conclusion: Through the integrated research methodology course, nursing students gained EBP self-efficacy while recognizing its importance. However, acquiring sufficient knowledge in a single course was difficult, and the students remarked on the difficulty of the course. Therefore, integrating EBP concepts and applications in core nursing courses should be considered, and various innovative learning strategies are required to improve students' knowledge and competencies.

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PublicaciónNurse Education Today
EstadoPublished - oct 2021

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