Initial testing (stage 1) of the IGF-1 receptor inhibitor BMS-754807 by the pediatric preclinical testing program

E. Anders Kolb, Richard Gorlick, Richard Lock, Hernan Carol, Christopher L. Morton, Stephen T. Keir, C. Patrick Reynolds, Min H. Kang, John M. Maris, Catherine Billups, Malcolm A. Smith, Peter J. Houghton

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Background: BMS-754807 is a small molecule ATP-competitive inhibitor of the type-1 insulin-like growth factor receptor currently in phase 1 clinical trials. Procedures: BMS-754807 was tested against the Pediatric Preclinical Testing Program (PPTP) in vitro panel at concentrations ranging from 1.0nM to 10μM and was tested against the PPTP in vivo panels at a dose of 25mg/kg administered orally BID for 6 days, repeated for 6 weeks. Results: In vitro BMS-754807 showed a median EC50 value of 0.62μM against the PPTP cell lines. The median EC50 for the four Ewing sarcoma cell lines was less than that for the remaining PPTP cell lines (0.19μM vs. 0.78μM, P=0.0470). In vivo BMS-754807 induced significant differences in EFS distribution compared to controls in 18 of 32 evaluable solid tumor xenografts (56%) tested, but in none of the ALL xenografts studied. Criteria for intermediate activity for the time to event activity measure (EFS T/C>2) were met in 7 of 27 solid tumor xenografts evaluable for this measure. The best response was PD2 (progressive disease with growth delay), which was observed in 18 of 32 solid tumor xenografts. PD2 responses were most commonly observed in the rhabdomyosarcoma, neuroblastoma, osteosarcoma, Ewing sarcoma, and Wilms tumor panels. Conclusions: BMS-754807 activity in vitro is consistent with a specific IGF-1R effect that has half-maximal response in the 0.1μM range and that is observed in a minority of the PPTP cell lines. In vivo intermediate activity was most commonly observed in the neuroblastoma and rhabdomyosarcoma panels.

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EstadoPublished - abr. 2011
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