Increasing cytosolic Ca2+ levels restore cell proliferation and stem cell potency in aged MSCs

Naseem Ahamad, Yuyang Sun, Brij B. Singh

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Aging is an inescapable complex physiological but extendable process, and all cells, including stem cells, are altered over time. Diverse mechanism(s) could modulate stem cell number, their proliferation rate, and promote tissue repair during aging that leads to longevity. However, the factors that could restore aging stem cell potency and would lead to healthy aging are not fully identified. Here we show that maintaining cytosolic Ca2+ levels was essential for modulating stem cells function in aged mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Increasing external Ca2+ induced spindle shape stem cell morphology and maintained stem cell surface marker expression in aged bone marrow-derived MSCs. Similarly, stem cell survival and proliferation of aged MSCs was dependent on cytosolic Ca2+ levels. Importantly, Ca2+ entry potentiated cell cycle progression, and stem cell potential was increased in cells incubated with higher external Ca2+. Moreover, blocking Ca2+ entry using SKF 96365, decreased stem cell survival and its proliferation but, treatment with 2-APB did not significantly affected cell proliferation, rather only modulated cell viability. Evaluation of Ca2+ entry channels, showed that TRPC1/Orai1/Orai3 and their regulator STIM1 was essential for MSCs proliferation/viability as gene silencing of Orai1/Orai3/TRPC1/STIM1 significantly inhibited stem cell viability. Finally, MSCs isolated from aged mice that were subjected to higher Ca2+ levels, were able to rescue age-induced loss of MSCs function. Together these results suggest that Ca2+ entry is essential for preventing the loss of aged stem cell function and supplementing Ca2+ not only restored their proliferative potential but, allowed them to develop into younger stem cell lineages that could be critical for regenerative medicine.

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PublicaciónStem Cell Research
EstadoPublished - oct 2021

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