Inaccurate penicillin allergy labels: Consequences, solutions, and opportunities for rhinologists

Matthew Y. Liu, Edward D. McCoul, Edward G. Brooks, Veronica F. Lao, Philip G. Chen

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A patient-reported history of penicillin allergy is a common label with a prevalence of about 10%. However, as many as 95% of patients reporting a penicillin allergy do not have a true immunoglobin-E (IgE)-mediated allergic reaction. Unfortunately, penicillin allergy mislabeling is problematic, leading to inappropriate antibiotic use and negative consequences, such as adverse drug events, suboptimal outcomes, and increased costs. As physicians who treat patients of all ages for common sinonasal pathology in the clinic and operating room in addition to frequently providing testing and management of allergic diseases, rhinologists are well positioned to aid in delabeling patients with inaccurate penicillin allergies. This viewpoint highlights the consequences of inaccurate penicillin allergy designation in the clinic and perioperative period and explores misconceptions regarding cross-reactivity between penicillins and cephalosporins. Opportunities are explored for shared decision-making with colleagues in other specialties, such as anesthesiology, and practical recommendations are provided to aid rhinologists when faced with a patient who holds a questionable history of penicillin allergy. Rhinologists can play an active role in delabeling patients with inaccurate penicillin allergies with the goal of ensuring appropriate antibiotic use for future medical encounters.

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PublicaciónInternational Forum of Allergy and Rhinology
EstadoPublished - jun 2023

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