Hindfoot Fractures: Injury Patterns and Relevant Imaging Findings

Edward Smitaman, Michael Davis

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The hindfoot consists of the talus and calcaneus, spans the tibiotalar to transverse tarsal joints, and is critical for support of body weight and absorption and transfer of physiologic loads during bipedal movements. Hindfoot fractures account for approximately 17% of foot and ankle fractures, with calcaneal fractures being more common than talar fractures. Hindfoot fractures are usually caused by high-impact axial loads such as falls from heights and motor vehicle accidents, and understandably, they are often seen in patients with polytrauma. Long term, these fractures have implications in development of posttraumatic osteoarthrosis with associated pain and stiffness, affecting daily living activities. An overview of the talus and calcaneus is presented, with emphasis on fractures with articular involvement—namely, the tibiotalar and subtalar joints. Articular talar and calcaneal injuries can also alter hindfoot alignment, causing ankle and foot function abnormalities. Optimal treatment—that is, restoration of articular surfaces and hindfoot alignment followed by rigid fixation until fracture union—is dependent on an accurate understanding of the injury that is well depicted with imaging, radiography and CT in particular. The discussion of talar and calcaneal fractures includes a review of the normal anatomy, epidemiologic factors, classification systems, and imaging and pathologic-anatomic features of common injury patterns. This review is intended to aid surgical management and restoration of articular and hindfoot alignment for optimal ankle and foot function, thereby reducing patient morbidity in these often devastating injuries.

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