Functional coactivation map of the human brain

Roberto Toro, Peter T. Fox, Tomáš Paus

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Understanding the interactions among different brain regions is fundamental to our understanding of brain function. Here we describe a complete map of functional connections in the human brain derived by an automatic meta-analysis of 825 neuroimaging articles, representing 3402 experiments. The likelihood of a functional connection between regions was estimated by studying the interdependence of their "activity," as reported in each experiment, across all experiments. We obtained a dense coactivation map that recovers some fundamental principles of the brain's functional connectivity, such as the symmetric interhemispheric connections, and important functional networks, such as the fronto-parietal attention network, the resting state network and the motor network.

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PublicaciónCerebral Cortex
EstadoPublished - nov 2008

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