Evaluation of the caries-preventive effect of toothpaste containing surface prereacted glass-ionomer filler

Bennett Tochukwu Amaechi, Meredith C. Key, Sabarathnam Balu, Linda Ogechukwu Okoye, Peter Thiuri Gakunga

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AIM: Although fluoride interventions have the most consistent benefit in preventing caries, caries still develop in high-risk individuals. Authors have evaluated the effectiveness of toothpastes containing surface prereacted glass-ionomer (S-PRG) filler in preventing tooth demineralization.

METHODS: Human tooth enamel blocks were randomly assigned to six groups (30 blocks/group): no treatment (a), and toothpaste containing either 1500 ppm fluoride as sodium monofluorophosphate (NaMFP) (b), 0 wt% S-PRG (b), 1 wt% S-PRG (d), 5 wt% S-PRG (e), or 20 wt% S-PRG (f). Early caries developed on each block by 7-days demineralization using a microbial caries model. Mineral loss (Δz) and lesion depth (LD) were determined using transverse microradiography.

RESULTS: Relative to the control, all toothpastes, except 0% S-PRG, significantly (analysis of variance, Tukey's, P<.0001) reduced Δz and LD at varying percentages. With regard to Δz, all comparisons were significant (P<.0001), except 0% S-PRG vs the control. Otherwise, S-PRG 1%, 5%, and 20% had 0.50, 0.37, and 0.27 times Δz compared to the control, respectively, while NaMFP had 0.61 times Δz compared to the control. LD followed an almost similar trend as Δz.

CONCLUSIONS: The findings of the present study demonstrate the effectiveness of toothpaste containing S-PRG filler in inhibiting tooth demineralization in the presence of bacterial plaque, thus highlighting its potential as an effective caries-control tool for individuals at high risk of developing caries.

Idioma originalEnglish (US)
PublicaciónJournal of investigative and clinical dentistry
EstadoPublished - nov 1 2017

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