Emerging regenerative approaches for periodontal reconstruction: A systematic review from the AAP regeneration workshop

Zhao Lin, Hector F. Rios, David L. Cochran

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More than 30 years have passed since the first successful application of regenerative therapy for treatment of periodontal diseases. Despite being feasible, periodontal regeneration still faces numerous challenges, and complete restoration of structure and function of the diseased periodontium is often considered an unpredictable task. This review highlights developing basic science and technologies for potential application to achieve reconstruction of the periodontium. A comprehensive search of the electronic bibliographic database PubMed was conducted to identify different emerging therapeutic approaches reported to influence either biologic pathways and/or tissues involved in periodontal regeneration. Each citation was assessed based on its abstract, and the full text of potentially eligible reports was retrieved. Based on the review of the full papers, their suitability for inclusion in this report was determined. In principle, only reports from scientifically well-designed studies that presented preclinical in vivo (animal studies) or clinical (human studies) evidence for successful periodontal regeneration were included. Hence, in vitro studies, namely those conducted in laboratories without any live animals, were excluded. In case of especially recent and relevant reviews with a narrow focus on specific regenerative approaches, they were identified as such, and thereby the option of referring to them to summarize the status of a specific approach, in addition to or instead of listing each separately, was preserved. Admittedly, the presence of subjectivity in the selection of studies to include in this overview cannot be excluded. However, it is believed that the contemporary approaches described in this review collectively represent the current efforts that have reported preclinical or clinical methods to successfully enhance regeneration of the periodontium. Today's challenges facing periodontal regenerative therapy continue to stimulate important research and clinical development, which, in turn, shapes the current concept of periodontal tissue engineering. Emerging technologies-such as stem cell therapy, bone anabolic agents, genetic approaches, and nanomaterials-also offer unique opportunities to enhance the predictability of current regenerative surgical approaches and inspire development of novel treatment strategies. J Periodontol 2015;86(Suppl.):S134-S152.

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PublicaciónJournal of periodontology
EstadoPublished - feb 1 2015

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