Dolichol alters dynamic and static properties of mouse synaptosomal plasma membranes

W. G. Wood, C. Gorka, L. S. Williamson, R. Strong, A. Y. Sun, G. Y. Sun, F. Schroeder

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Dolichols are isoprenologues that are found in almost all tissues and whose biochemical function, aside from dolichol phosphate precursors, is not known. In addition, an understanding of the organizational and dynamic properties of dolichols in biological membranes has not been forthcoming. The purpose of the experiments reported here were to examine the effects of dolichol on the physical properties of mouse synaptic plasma membranes (SPM). Differential polarized phase fluorometry indicated that dolichol both fluidized and regidified SPM. Membrane areas detected by diphenylhexatriene and trans-parinaric acid were selectively fluidized and rigidified, respectively. It also was found that the spin label, 5-doxyl stearic acid indicated that dolichol reduced membrane fluidity. These results report for the first time a stuctural effect of dolichol on a biological membrane.

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PublicaciónFEBS Letters
EstadoPublished - sept 1 1986
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