Diabetes quality of life, Chemical Intolerance, and generational status in a Latino sample: an RRNeT study

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Objectives: The impact of diabetes on quality of life (QoL) includes deficits in physical functioning and emotional and mental health. Individuals with diabetes can experience significant distress related to diabetes management and burden. Comorbid conditions can contribute to QoL among individuals with diabetes. Chemical Intolerance (CI) has received minimal attention in the context of diabetes. CI is characterized by multi-systemic symptoms initiated by a one-time high dose or persistent low-dose exposure to environmental toxins. Latinos experience diabetes distress and are exposed to environmental factors at disproportionate rates. This study sought to investigate generational differences in diabetes QoL and CI in a Latino sample across generational status. Methods: To assess the modifying effect of CI between QoL and generations, the analysis was stratified by those with and without CI. Results: Compared to 2nd generation Latinos, Latino immigrants were more likely to indicate that without diabetes, their life would be better across several QoL domains. Latino immigrants had a lower A1C and BMI than2nd generation Latinos. Additionally, they were less likely to have scores indicative of CI than U.S.-born Latinos. QoL varied by generational status and suggested a greater emphasis on family and social relationships among immigrants than U.S.-born Latinos. There were no differences in health services measures across generations. Conclusions: This study highlights generational differences in the impact of diabetes on QoL. It is one of the few studies to seek to understand the impact of CI on QoL in the context of a chronic condition such as type 2 diabetes.

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PublicaciónJournal of Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders
EstadoAccepted/In press - 2024

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