Development of a novel post-processing treatment planning platform for 4D radiotherapy

Lan Lin, Chengyu Shi, Yaxi Liu, Gregory Swanson, Nikos Papanikolaou

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The aim of this study is to develop an Automatic Post-processing Tool for four-dimensional (4D) treatment planning (APT4D) that enables the user to perform some necessary procedures related to 4D treatment planning, such as automated image registration, automatic propagation of regions of interest, and dose distribution transformation. Demons-based deformable registrations were performed to map the moving phase images (such as the end-inhalation phase or 0% phase) to the reference phase (typically the end-exhalation fixed phase or 50% phase). Contours were automatically propagated into the moving phase using the image registration results. The dose distribution of each moving phase was transformed to the fixed phase and subsequently was summed as an average with equal weighting factor. To validate the application of APT4D utility, the 4D computed tomography (CT) images of a lung cancer patient and an abdominal cancer patient were acquired and resorted into ten respiratory phases. 4D plans based on the 4D CT images were developed. The correlation coefficient ranged from 0.992 to 0.999 for the re-sampled deformed moving phase image against the fixed phase image for the lung patient plan and from 0.977 to 0.999 for the abdominal patient plan. For all the organs, the match indices between the manual contours and automatic contour propagation results were around 0.92 to 0.95. The 4D composite dose-volume histogram showed dosimetric reductions for liver and kidneys in the high dose region. The APT4D adds automation, efficiency, and functionality, while integrating the whole process of 4D treatment planning.

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PublicaciónTechnology in Cancer Research and Treatment
EstadoPublished - abr 2008

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