Development of a Dual-Functional Hydrogel Using RGD and Anti-VEGF Aptamer

Nan Zhao, Mark R. Battig, Ming Xu, Xiuli Wang, Na Xiong, Yong Wang

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Synthetic molecular libraries hold great potential to advance the biomaterial development. However, little effort is made to integrate molecules with molecular recognition abilities selected from different libraries into a single biomolecular material. The purpose of this work is to incorporate peptides and nucleic acid aptamers into a porous hydrogel to develop a dual-functional biomaterial. The data show that an anti-integrin peptide can promote the attachment and growth of endothelial cells in a 3D porous poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogel and an antivascular endothelial growth factor aptamer can sequester and release VEGF of high bioactivity. Importantly, the dual-functional porous hydrogel enhances the growth and survival of endothelial cells. This work demonstrates that molecules selected from different synthetic libraries can be integrated into one system for the development of novel biomaterials.

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PublicaciónMacromolecular Bioscience
EstadoPublished - nov 2017
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