Decreased plasma concentrations of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in preeclampsia

Luiza Oliveira Perucci, Érica Leandro Marciano Vieira, Antônio Lúcio Teixeira, Karina Braga Gomes, Luci Maria Dusse, Lirlândia Pires Sousa

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Background Preeclampsia (PE) is a disease characterized by excessive maternal inflammatory response. Early studies suggested that brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) modulates inflammation. The main objective of this study was to investigate BDNF plasma concentrations in PE women and to compare with BDNF concentrations from normotensive pregnant women. We also investigated the association among the plasma concentrations of BDNF and inflammatory mediators, and maternal clinical features. Methods BDNF plasma concentrations were measured by ELISA in 38 PE women (17 early onset and 21 late onset) and in 20 normotensive pregnant women (Norm) matched for gestational age (Norm < 34 weeks: n = 8; Norm ≥ 34 weeks: n = 12). Correlation analyses between laboratory parameters and clinical characteristics were evaluated through Spearman's coefficients. Results BDNF concentration was lower in PE women than in normotensive pregnant women, but no difference was detected between the subgroups of PE women and normotensive pregnant women. BDNF correlated negatively with annexin A1, and positively with body mass index and diastolic blood pressure. No correlation was significant in normotensive pregnant women. Conclusions Lower BDNF plasma concentrations and cross-talk between BDNF and AnxA1 signaling pathways might be involved in PE pathogenesis.

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