Cytotoxic activity of the titanium alkoxide (OPy) 2Ti(4AP) 2 against cancer colony forming cells

Elizabeth A. Williamson, Timothy J. Boyle, Rebecca Raymond, Jacqueline Farrington, Claire Verschraegen, Montaser Shaheen, Robert Hromas

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A novel family of titanium alkoxides with two stable pyridinemethoxide moieties bound to a titanium metal center were synthesized and tested for cytotoxic activity on a variety of cancer cell lines using colony formation assays. One compound, (OPy) 2Ti(4AP) 2, where OPy is NC 5H 5CH 2O-, and 4AP is 4-aminophenoxide (-OC 6H 5(NH 2)-4), demonstrated increased cytotoxicity in breast, colon, and pancreatic cancer cell lines at 100 nanomolar levels with only short exposures. Further, (OPy) 2Ti(4AP) 2 had activity in colon and pancreatic cancer cell lines that are usually resistant to chemotherapy. This demonstrates that these novel titanium compounds may have a role in anti-cancer therapy, similar to platinum-based compounds, and the (OPy) 2Ti(4AP) 2 compound specifically deserves further investigation as an anticancer agent in chemo-resistant solid tumors.

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PublicaciónInvestigational New Drugs
EstadoPublished - feb 2012
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