Constraints of vigilance-dependent noradrenergic signaling to mouse cerebellar Bergmann glia

Angelica Salinas-Birt, Xiangyu Zhu, Eunice Y. Lim, Aryana J. Cruz Santory, Liang Ye, Martin Paukert

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Behavioral state plays an important role in determining astroglia Ca2+ signaling. In particular, locomotion-mediated elevated vigilance has been found to trigger norepinephrine-dependent whole cell Ca2+ elevations in astroglia throughout the brain. For cerebellar Bergmann glia it has recently been found that locomotion-induced transient Ca2+ elevations depend on their α1A-adrenergic receptors. With increasing availability and implementation of locomotion as behavioral parameter it becomes important to understand the constraints of noradrenergic signaling to astroglia. Here we evaluated the effect of speed, duration and interval of locomotion on Ca2+ signals in Bergmann glia as well as cerebellar noradrenergic axon terminals. We found almost no dependence on locomotion speed, but following the initial Ca2+ transient prolonged locomotion events revealed a steady-state Ca2+ elevation. Comparison of time course and recovery of transient Bergmann glia and noradrenergic terminal Ca2+ dynamics suggested that noradrenergic terminal Ca2+ activity determines Bergmann glia Ca2+ activation and does not require noradrenergic receptor desensitization to account for attenuation during prolonged locomotion. Further, analyzing the correlation among Ca2+ dynamics within regions within the field of observation we found that coordinated activity among noradrenergic terminals accounts for fluctuations of steady-state Bergmann glia Ca2+ activity. Together, our findings will help to better understand astroglia Ca2+ dynamics during less controlled awake behavior and may guide the identification of behavioral contexts preferably dependent on astroglia Ca2+ signaling.

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EstadoPublished - jun 2023

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