Clinical Perspective of Electrospun Nanofibers as a Drug Delivery Strategy for Regenerative Endodontics

Maria T.P. Albuquerque, Juliana Y. Nagata, Anibal R. Diogenes, Asma A. Azabi, Richard L. Gregory, Marco C. Bottino

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Recent progress in endodontics, particularly encouraging regenerative outcomes achieved by evoked bleeding therapy in the treatment of necrotic immature permanent teeth, clearly suggests that establishment of a regenerative-based clinical strategy is closer than ever before. In this context, an efficient disinfection of the root canal system, mainly through the eradication of microbial biofilms, is a crucial step. Accordingly, numerous bacterial biofilm models have been used in vitro as an attempt to simulate the clinical conditions. To offer a comprehensive update on progress in the field, this review provides an overview of biofilm role in endodontic disease and in vitro biofilm models, the importance of disinfection, a brief review on antibiotic-containing polymer nanofibers and their antimicrobial properties, and future perspective of this novel intracanal drug delivery strategy in regenerative endodontics. Limitations in reproducing in vivo conditions will always exist; however, creating a laboratory-based biofilm model that very closely simulates clinical situations makes in vitro research reliable and the first step towards translation of new therapies.

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PublicaciónCurrent Oral Health Reports
EstadoPublished - sept 2016

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