Classical Hematology Referrals at an National Cancer Institute–Designated Cancer Center: Lessons Learned

Chase V. West, Matthew J. Butler, Supreet Kaur, Elizabeth Bowhay-Carnes, Anand B. Karnad

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PURPOSE To understand the spectrum and volume of classical hematology (CH) referrals to hematology clinics at a National Cancer Institute (NCI)–designated cancer center (CC) to plan for the delivery of effective and equitable care for this population. METHODS One referral office at the Academic CC located in Bexar County, TX, handles all adult hematology referrals. From October 1, 2021, to September 30, 2022, all nonmalignant hematology (MH) referrals were triaged daily to define the category of CH problem. Declined referrals (confirmed at triage that no CH problem was evident) are included as part of this analysis. Electronic consultation (opinion rendered without patient seen) at our CC is available and is not part of this analysis. RESULTS One thousand nine hundred forty-five CH referrals were received in the 12-month period. Seventy-six referrals (3.9%) were declined. During the study period, there were 2,289 medical oncology referrals and 779 referrals for MH. CH referrals therefore comprise 39% of all hematology-oncology referrals and 71% of all hematology referrals at the CC. Anemia and thrombotic disorders were the most common categories of the accepted CH referrals at 487 (26%) and 393 (21%), respectively. Video visits were used for 447 of all CH referrals (23%), and the rest were in person. CONCLUSION Nearly 40% of all referrals to hematology and medical oncology at our NCI-designated CC are for CH. Effective management of the CH population of patients will allow ideal care for CH problems and also allow cancer-focused care to improve.

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EstadoPublished - ene 1 2024
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