Changes in leukemic cell nuclei revealed by differential scanning calorimetry

Małgozata Rogalińska, Paweł Góralski, Agnieszka Kobylińska, Jerzy Z. Błoński, Margaret Hanausek, Zbigniew Walaszek, Henryk Piekarski, Tadeusz Robak, Zofia M. Kilianska

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Using differential scanning calorimetry we analyzed the thermal profiles of nuclei from normal and B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia mononuclear cells. Intact nuclear fraction of normal mononuclear cells is characterized by four thermal transitions, i.e., at 60, 70, 83 and 103°C. Leukemic nuclear samples revealed the transitions at 67 and 83°C, however, in more aggressive stage of the disease additional thermal peaks at 76 and 93°C were observed. Our very preliminary results revealed that mononuclear cell nuclear fraction from blood of patients responding to the used therapy, i.e., cladribine alone or its combination with mitoxantrone and cyclophosphamide indicates decrease (or even loss) of transition at 93°C concomitant with increase of transition at 76°C. A complementary study showed that in mononuclear cells of patients who appeared to be sensitive to chemotherapy the decrease of antiapoptotic Bcl-2 protein expression and signs of apoptotic morphology were observed.

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PublicaciónLeukemia and Lymphoma
EstadoPublished - ene. 2005
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