Bmp2 is required for odontoblast differentiation and pulp vasculogenesis

W. Yang, M. A. Harris, Y. Cui, Y. Mishina, S. E. Harris, J. Gluhak-Heinrich

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Using the Bmp2 floxed/3.6Col1a1-Cre (Bmp2-cKOod) mouse model, we have observed severe defects in odontogenesis and dentin formation with the removal of the Bmp2 gene in early-polarizing odontoblasts. The odontoblasts in the Bmp2-cKOod do not mature properly and fail to form proper dentin with normal dentinal tubules and activate terminal differentiation, as reflected by decreased Osterix, Col1a1, and Dspp expression. There is less dentin, and the dentin is hypomineralized and patchy. We also describe an indirect effect of the Bmp2 gene in odontoblasts on formation of the vascular bed and associated pericytes in the pulp. This vascular niche and numbers of CD146+ pericytes are likely controlled by odontogenic and Bmp2-dependent VegfA production in odontoblasts. The complex roles of Bmp2, postulated to be both direct and indirect, lead to permanent defects in the teeth throughout life, and result in teeth with low quantities of dentin and dentin of poor quality.

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PublicaciónJournal of dental research
EstadoPublished - ene 2012

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