Biomechanical comparison of fibrin sealants for mesh fixation

Charles P. Shahan, Nathaniel F. Stoikes, Esra Roan, Patrick Reese, David L. Webb, Guy R. Voeller

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Adhesive use for fixation in hernia repair allows for complete and immediate mesh surface area adherence. Little is known about the fixation strengths of the products and application methods available. The purpose of this study was to compare the immediate and early strength of fixation of Tisseel™ and Evicel™ using hand and spray application techniques. Sixteen Mongrel swine underwent implantation of large-pore, mid-weight polypropylene mesh fixated with either Tisseel™ or Evicel™, applied by hand or with a spray apparatus. Time points studied were zero and four days. All samples underwent lap shear testing to quantify the strength of the mesh–tissue interface as an indicator of mesh fixation strength. Thirty Day 4 and 16 Day 0 samples were tested. Manually applied Tisseel™ mean fixation strength was 2.05 N/cm at Day 0 and 6.02 N/cm at Day 4. Sprayed Tisseel™ had mean fixation strength of 1.22 N/cm at Day 0 and 7.21 N/cm at Day 4. Manually applied Evicel™ showed mean fixation strength of 0.92 N/cm at Day 0 and 6.73 N/cm at Day 4. Mean fixation strength of sprayed Evicel™ was 0.72 N/cm at Day 0 and 6.70 N/cm at Day 4. Analysis of variance showed no difference between groups at Day 0 or Day 4. Immediate strength of mesh fixation could have significant implications for early recurrence and mesh contraction. This study demonstrates that no difference exists in immediate or early fixation strength between these two brands of sealants or their method of application.

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PublicaciónAmerican Surgeon
EstadoPublished - may 2018
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