Assessment of titanium release following non-surgical peri-implantitis treatment: A randomized clinical trial

Diane Daubert, Eddie Lee, Antonella Botto, Mojdeh Eftekhar, Archontia Palaiologou, Georgios A. Kotsakis

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Background: Peri-implantitis is a frequent finding. Initial treatment involves non-surgical debridement of the implant surface. Recent studies have found a correlation between titanium (Ti) particle release and peri-implantitis, yet there is a dearth of information regarding the effect of various non-surgical instrumentation on particle release or peri-implantitis resolution. Methods: Patients with peri-implantitis were recruited for a randomized, blinded, parallel-group clinical trial. The implants were randomized to treatment composed of Ti curettes (“Mech” group) or implant-specific treatment composed of rotary polymer microbrushes (“Imp” group). Ti release in submucosal peri-implant plaque pre- and 8 weeks posttreatment was assessed as the primary outcome. Peri-implant probing depth, bleeding on probing, and suppuration on probing were evaluated and compared between groups. Results: Thirty-four participants completed treatment; 18 were randomized to the Mech group and 16 to the Imp group. The groups were comparable for Ti levels and probing depths at baseline. A trend was noted for 10-fold greater Ti dissolution in the Mech group posttreatment compared to the Imp group (p = 0.069). The Imp group had a significant reduction in probing depth posttreatment (p = 0.006), while the Mech group reduction was not significant. Conclusion: Peri-implantitis treated non-surgically with implant-specific instruments (Imp group) had a significantly greater decrease in probing depth versus the Mech treatment group. This improvement was linked with a trend for less Ti release to the peri-implant plaque by the non-abrasive treatment.

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PublicaciónJournal of periodontology
EstadoPublished - sept 2023

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