Assessment of clinical guidelines for medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw: current status and future directions

Louis Xavier Barrette, Neeraj Suresh, Mandy K. Salmon, Emma De Ravin, Jacob Harris, Rushabh Kamdar, Alvaro G. Moreira, Karthik Rajasekaran

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Objective: To evaluate the current quality and utility of clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) issued for the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ). Study Design: We performed a systematic literature search of guidelines for MRONJ diagnosis, staging, prevention, or management. An appraisal of guidelines was completed using the Appraisal of Guidelines for Research and Evaluation (AGREE II) instrument. Scaled domain scores were calculated for each domain. Key recommendations were abstracted from guidelines distinguished as “high” quality. Results: Six CPGs were identified from systematic review. Four of 6 (66.7%) guidelines were published within the last 2 years. Each guideline discussed management of antiresorptive and antiangiogenic therapy-associated osteonecrosis of the jaw. The highest-scoring domain was domain 1: “Scope and purpose,” with an average score of 85.0% (range: 76.4%-100.0%). The lowest domain score was in domain 5: “Applicability,” with an average score of 41.7% (range: 22.9%-92.7%). Only 2 guidelines (33.3%) met the quality threshold of > 60% in 5 or more AGREE II domains, distinguishing them as “high”-quality guidelines. The average kappa statistic calculated across domains was 0.77, suggesting substantial interrater correlation in the CPG appraisal process. Conclusions: Despite the increasing recognition of MRONJ as a debilitating consequence of antiresorptive and antiangiogenic therapy, clinical guideline recommendations may be lacking in overall quality and clinical utility.

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EstadoPublished - dic 2022

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