An Open Trial of Iloperidone for Mixed Episodes in Bipolar Disorder

Vivek Singh, Jodi Gonzalez Arnold, Thomas J. Prihoda, Melissa Martinez, Charles L. Bowden

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Background Mixed mood states in bipolar disorder are difficult to treat and when present indicate worse illness trajectories. Several medications are US Food and Drug Administration approved to treat mixed episodes; however, the clinical trials have been short term and rarely reported depression response. Methods We conducted a 5-month open-label trial examining the tolerability and efficacy of iloperidone for bipolar disorder mixed episodes. Results Mania and depression scores significantly improved over the course of the study for study completers (ie, 60%-68% improvement for manic symptoms and 41%-49% for depression symptoms). Improvements were observed early in the trial and after adjusting for concomitant medication effects. The average daily dose in completers was 15 mg. Thirty-nine percent (12/31) of the eligible sample discontinued early because of adverse effects. The adverse events most commonly associated with withdrawal were increased heart rate/palpitations (n = 5 of 12) and urinary incontinence/intense urge to urinate (n = 3 of 12). Conclusions In a subset of patients, iloperidone provides relief for classic manic, depression, and irritability symptoms associated with mixed episodes in a long-term trial. Adverse effect profiles are likely to be a major factor contributing to individualized medication use.

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PublicaciónJournal of Clinical Psychopharmacology
EstadoPublished - oct 1 2017

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