Age-related considerations in the use of cannabinoids: Focus on drug interactions, physiology, and drug effects

Hanana AlTfaili, Brett C. Ginsburg

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Cannabis use has been increasing among the elderly because of its medical potential as well as its recreational use. Yet, effects of cannabinoids have not been widely examined in aging individuals who are highly likely to have physiologic changes and other comorbidities that could affect cannabinoid metabolism and dosing. The potential for age-related changes in cannabinoid effects and the potential for interactions with existing comorbidities and other medications commonly used by aging individuals suggest that special considerations should be taken when introducing cannabinoid therapeutics to this group, and these factors could influence clinical advice to recreational users. Age-dependent changes in the number of cannabinoid receptors and their function in specific cortical and subcortical brain regions suggest that cannabinoid effects may be different in aged versus younger users. Whereas some studies suggest there is an age-related decrease in the expression of cannabinoid receptors in specific regions of the brain, other studies indicate that compensatory changes may maintain the overall function of these receptors and the behavioral effects they mediate. This highlights the need for further studies targeting changes in age-related effects of cannabinoids and their interaction with other medications commonly used by the elderly.

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Título de la publicación alojadaCannabis Use, Neurobiology, Psychology, and Treatment
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EstadoPublished - ene 1 2023

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