A modified method for rapid quantification of Chlamydia muridarum using Fluorospot

Jonathon Keck, James P. Chambers, Thomas Forsthuber, Rishein Gupta, Bernard P. Arulanandam

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Although manual enumeration of Chlamydia inclusion forming units is the most widely accepted means of quantification in the field, it is both time consuming and subject to inherent investigator bias. We report here a rapid, i.e., minutes vs. hours, modified automated Fluorospot means of assessment that is linear (<1200 dots per well). Because the Fluorospot enumerated tissue culture plate/well can also be quantified using traditional manual counting, newly derived Fluorospot data can easily be compared to previously established manual enumeration data requiring no new reference norms. • Concurrent enumeration of chlamydial IFU using automated and manual methods of counting on same tissue culture plate. • Rapid method of counting chlamydial IFU reducing time from hours to minutes.

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EstadoPublished - 2019

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