A Case of Respiratory Epithelium-Lined Cyst with Enriched Nociceptor Innervation

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Apical lesions of endodontic origin can be classified as either granulomas or cysts. In rare cases, respiratory epithelium can proliferate and encapsulate a lesion, forming a cyst. Moreover, the innervation of apical lesions has only been previously reported in animal models of apical periodontitis. This report demonstrates an unusual case in which tooth #15 was initially treated with nonsurgical root canal therapy. Still, the patient remained in moderate to severe pain for several days following the procedure. Next, an intentional replantation was performed in which a periapical cyst was curetted from the alveolus. The patient experienced immediate pain relief following the procedure. Histological analysis revealed that the periapical cyst was lined entirely with respiratory epithelium, and immunohistochemical analysis showed it to be densely innervated. In addition, these nerve fibers expressed the LPS receptor, TLR4. This is the first demonstration of the innervation pattern of a periapical cyst. Further studies are warranted to evaluate innervation in apical lesions and its correlation with pre- and intra-operative symptoms and their participation in the pathogenesis of apical periodontitis.

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