Translation of the Pediatric Nausea Assessment Tool (PeNAT) Into Spanish and Evaluating Understandability Among Spanish-Speaking Hispanic American Children and Adolescents Receiving Chemotherapy

  • Erica Garcia Frausto (Contributor)
  • Araby Sivananthan (Contributor)
  • Carla Golden (Creator)
  • Molly Szuminski (Creator)
  • Luz N.Pérez Prado (Creator)
  • Mercedes Paloma Lopez (Creator)
  • Virginia Diaz (Creator)
  • Dominica Nieto (Creator)
  • Erin Plenert (Creator)
  • Anne-Marie R Langevin (Creator)
  • Lee Dupuis (Contributor)



Introduction:We aimed to create a Spanish-language version of the Pediatric Nausea Assessment Tool (PeNAT) and examine its understandability among Spanish-speaking, Hispanic American children.Methods:Translation: Forward and backward translations of the PeNAT documents were performed and verified by a bilingual panel. Four monolingual, Spanish-speaking dyads (child/parent) and four bilingual dyads piloted the Spanish-language PeNAT documents. Four additional bilingual dyads read both versions and completed the PeNAT using their preferred version. These were reviewed for errors due to misunderstanding.Understandability:Children aged 4–18 years about to receive chemotherapy who spoke Spanish at home and were without impairments precluding PeNAT use were eligible. Participants used the Spanish-language PeNAT during a chemotherapy block. Parents gave feedback on the PeNAT documents. Recruitment continued until 10 consecutive participants offered no substantive suggestions for revision.Results:Translation: All child/parent dyads completed the PeNAT without errors attributable to misunderstanding. The Spanish-language PeNAT was preferred by three of four bilingual dyads. Understandability: Ten cancer patients (mean age: 10.6 years) used the Spanish-language PeNAT. All parents felt their child understood the PeNAT; none felt the documents were hard or very hard to use.Conclusion:The Spanish-language PeNAT was understood by Spanish-speaking Hispanic American children. Further psychometric testing is warranted.
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