Reduced Expression of the Proto-oncogene Myc Increases Mouse Longevity and Enhances Healthspan

  • Jeffrey W. Hofmann (Contributor)
  • Xiaoai Zhao (Contributor)
  • Marco De Cecco (Contributor)
  • Abigail L. Peterson (Contributor)
  • Jayameenakshi Manivannan (Contributor)
  • Gene B. Hubbard (Contributor)
  • Yuji Ikeno (Contributor)
  • Yongqing Zhang (Contributor)
  • Bin Feng (Contributor)
  • W. Qi (Contributor)
  • Holly Van Remmen (Contributor)
  • Richard A. Miller (Contributor)
  • Rafael De Cabo (Contributor)
  • H. Xu (Contributor)
  • Nicola Neretti (Contributor)
  • J. M. Sedivy (Contributor)



Accession Number: GSE55272

GPL6246: [MoGene-1_0-st] Affymetrix Mouse Gene 1.0 ST Array [transcript (gene) version]

Organism: Mus musculus

Published on 2014-02-22

MYC is a pleiotropic transcription factor that regulates numerous pathways and whose deregulation promotes cancer. Myc+/- mice have extended lifespan relative to their wild type littermates. To better understand the effects of the Myc+/- genotype on cellular processes, microarrays were performed on young (5 month) and old (24 month) Myc+/- and WT males in liver, skeletal muscle, and adipose tissues. Microarray data were used to compare the effects of aging with the effects of the Myc+/- genotype at each age, to identify pathways enriched for differentially expressed genes, and to compare the Myc+/- gene expression signature with that from other long-lived mice.

Overall Design:
Male mice of each genotype (Myc+/- and wild type) were sacrificed at 5 months and 24 months of age, and tissues were harvested and snap frozen in liquid nitrogen. RNA was extracted, and pooled between 5-8 mice within each cohort, creating one pooled sample for each combination of age, genotype, and tissue. Three technical replicates were run for each sample.

Name: Jeffrey Walter Hofmann
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