Data from: Ethanol abolishes vigilance-dependent astroglia network activation in mice by inhibiting norepinephrine release

  • Martin Paukert (Contributor)
  • Liang Ye (Contributor)
  • Murat Orynbayev (Contributor)
  • Xiangyu Zhu (Contributor)
  • Eunice Y. Lim (Contributor)
  • Ram R. Dereddi (Contributor)
  • Amit Agarwal (Contributor)
  • Dwight E. Bergles (Contributor)
  • Manzoor Bhat (Contributor)



This collection of data sets was obtained during a study of the effect of acute ethanol intoxication on vigilance-dependent astroglia network activation in mice. The main findings have been that ethanol inhibits astroglia activation by inhibiting vigilance-dependent norepinephrine release. This leads to a failure of activation of alpha1A-adrenergic receptors on astroglia. Further, this study has revealed that ethanol inhibition of cerebellar Bergmann glia Ca2+ activation does not account for ataxic motor behavior, but may rather contribute to cognitive deficits.
Datos disponiblesoct 9 2020

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