Additional file 8 of Effects of mesenchymal stromal cell-conditioned media on measures of lung structure and function: a systematic review and meta-analysis of preclinical studies

  • Alvaro G Moreira (Creator)
  • Rija Naqvi (Contributor)
  • Kristen Hall (Creator)
  • Chimobi Emukah (Contributor)
  • John Martinez (Creator)
  • Axel Moreira (Creator)
  • Evan Dittmar (Creator)
  • Sarah Zoretic (Creator)
  • Mary Evans (Creator)
  • Delanie Moses (Contributor)
  • Shamimunisa B Mustafa (Contributor)



Additional file 8: Figure S8. Effect size of CdM (a), MSCs (b), and CdM vs. MSC (c) on all eight outcomes. Forest plots demonstrate SMD with 95% confidence interval.
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