A Multiple Stakeholder Perspective on the Impact of COVID-19 on Dementia Care

  • Carole L. White (Creator)
  • Sara S Masoud (Creator)
  • Ashlie Glassner (Creator)
  • Shanae Lakel Rhodes (Creator)
  • Mayra Mendoza (Creator)
  • Kylie Meyer (Creator)



The aim of this study was to describe the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on dementia care from a multiple stakeholder perspective. We used a multi-method design, with a cross-sectional survey followed by focus groups/interviews. Surveys were completed by people living with dementia (n = 27), family caregivers (n = 161), and health and social care professionals (n = 77). A sub-sample (n = 55) participated in an interview or one of 9 focus groups. Surveys were analyzed with descriptive statistics and focus group/interview data were analyzed using a thematic approach. Participants reported an impact of COVID-19 on dementia care, including less access to care and resources for care. Telehealth and tele-support/education were reported to be effective alternatives to support care. Themes from the qualitative data about dementia care were: (1) planning and providing care, (2) making choices around risk and safety, (3) experiences of loss, and (4) technology and dementia care. The results of this study present opportunities to improve the quality of care through addressing inequities and identifying improved and innovative approaches to address social isolation and virtual care for this vulnerable population.
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